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About the Egg Man


A 1978 Easter vacation trip to Disney World inspired me to paint a Disney character egg for my young daughter. I was a commercial advertising artist at that time and did little painting. After the Disney egg I began to paint others with different scenes and subjects, but all on single eggs.

Then one night I had a dream in which I saw myself among little people who looked like eggs. But... the top eggs were their heads and the bottom eggs below were their bodies. That is what motivated me to begin making people using more than one egg. After creating a few eggs of this type I began painting animals, cartoon characters, motorcycles and other subjects. That led to my participation in craft and egg art shows for a few years. At a holiday egg show I was soon so busy with commissioned orders for requested-subject eggs that I asked a friend, Jerry Sidell to begin painting the backgrounds. I would then do the details and features. Thus, I became "The Egg Man" and Jerry "The Walrus" as popularized in the Beatles song, " I Am The Walrus."

Because my egg art was unique, local newspapers and televison stations began featuring me and my creations in articles and shows. Locally, I was on Angela Hill's and Frank Davis' programs, and nationally on Regis and Kathy Lee, Rush Limbaugh and The Martha Stewart Show.

For many years I worked in the busy year-round Mardi Gras industry as a prop and float painter and did no eggs. But in 2005 Hurricane Katrina forced evacuation from our home in New Orleans. While temporarily relocated in West Virginia I began again painting eggs as gifts for the many people who helped me there.

Later that year, the national interest of The Martha Stewart Show led me to set up a new egg art studio and began producing egg art again. Now, with the internet, web sites and Ebay I am able to sell my work to anyone, anywhere. It continues to be a rewarding pleasure to transform simple eggshells into delightful artistic creations.

(A very unusual and exciting experience for me in 2009 was to be invited to show my egg art and demonstrate my technique at two large shopping malls in Hong Kong)

  Some of my most popular and fun egg sets to do are: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Wizard of Oz, Three Stooges, Alice In Wonderland, Kiss with Gene Simmons, Rat Fink, Prince, Elton John, Star Wars, Laruel and Hardy, Criss Angel, Betty Boop, Cinderella, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Chaplan, Michelle and Barack Obama, E.T., Mickey Mouse, and the New Orleans Saints.  
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